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WELL. Remilia is... pretty powerful. How powerful? Let's crack open Perfect Memento in Strict Sense, see what it says about Touhou vampires.

Vampires have tremendous physical abilities and magical power: they are able to uproot a thousand-year-old tree single-handedly, to run through the human village within the blink of an eye, to summon many devils with a single word, to turn into bats or even mist to intrude anywhere they please, and they can recover within a single night even when their body is blown away, so long as their head is intact.

WELL THEN. more teal deers behind here! )
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As noted, Remilia is a vampire. That means she drinks blood. (Or rather, while we're in Ink City, ink.) However, not all creatures are created equally, and Remilia is accustomed to a diet of predominantly muggle human blood. Not much magic, no special caveats or anything.

Which means this is both an exercise in creativity and a Permissions post!

For those who reply to this, please offer the following details:

Name: What's the character's name?
Blood Donor?: Can I nom your neck a little maybe? Namely, can Remilia feed from thi character?
Side-Effects?: If your character isn't a "standard" human, what kind of things might your inky notblood do to her?

Thanks in advance. Keep in mind she won't typically go for anything that doesn't outwardly look human, so if you fall in that category, feel free to ignore this post.
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Mun Name: Sword
Journal: [personal profile] swordianmaster
Contact Info: Bahamut725 @ AIM
Other Characters: Twilight Sparkle, Berri the Mew, King Dedede

Name: Remilia Scarlet
From: Touhou Project
Appearance: Manga art, fighting game art
Age: 509; physically looks to be roughly 10-11
Gender: Female

Personality: One part rich noble, one part spoiled little kid, and one part David Xanatos, Remilia is quick to put up a smug, strong front to the outside world. After all, she's powerful, she's entitled, she has every right to think she's better than you. She's fairly ambitious, willing to make plans and enact them without worry, and given her powers - and a fairly good memory on how people will react to her actions - she often comes across as a bit of a schemer. Of course, beneath the facade is the impatience and impertinence of a little girl, someone who never matured past childhood and thinks that she should get everything she wants, WHEN she wants it.

Backstory: Born in Europe in 1503, Remilia Scarlet was a pretty ordinary girl. Her younger sister came about five years later, and together the two of them ruled over a small, forgettable land in the eastern countryside. It's uncertain if the two were born vampires or were turned into such, though their independance speaks to the former case. However, the power of the Scarlet sisters was apparent even early on... both Remilia's charm and physical prowess as well as Flandre's sheerly destructive power. Afraid that Flandre's power would cause them to be hunted like monsters, Remilia locked her sister away in the basement and employed a magician by the name of Patchouli Knowledge to watch over the girl.

Many years passed, with Remilia lording over the region, her manor slowly becoming more populated - a Chinese gatekeeper with draconic heritage, a human girl from lands unknown with power over time... yet, ultimately, Remilia started to meet a fate that many youkai and supernatural beings in Japan were facing as well - slowly, she and her power were being forgotten, disbelieved.

There is no telling when the Scarlet Devil Mansion, as it had been come to be known, appeared in Gensokyo, but it was sometime in the mid-1900s. Gensokyo was established as a safe-haven for youkai and other such similar creatures, and as of such, Remilia and her staff - they were servants to her, after all - settled quite nicely,

One day not too long ago, however, Remilia decided that skulking around at night alone was simply not enough and, with the help of a spell from her libraries, she spread a crimson fog throughout Gensokyo, blotting out the sun. The plan was thwarted by a shrine maiden by the name of Reimu, whom Remilia quickly grew fond of pestering and tormenting. Such is life in Gensokyo, after all...

Moral Standing: It would be easy to label Remilia as simply "villainous", but that's not the entire story. Unlike some of Gensokyo's other villains, she's neither psychotic nor malicious, simply self-serving. She has her own goals and her own means, and as long as you don't interfere with them, she won't interfere with you. Unless she doesn't like you, I mean.

Dreams: Ultimately, Remilia dreams of having the utmost freedom to do what she wants, when she wants it. Does that mean she wants to rule the world? Only if that's what it takes. A spoiled child through and through, she looks no further than "will it get me what I want?" for such things.

Fears: Remilia doesn't have many fears - she feels she can deal with her own problems. She's afraid of being alone, surprisingly, though in an odd contradiction, she's also afraid of what would happen if her younger sister ever got loose. Whether that's a fear for Flandre's safety or the world's is anyone's guess, but it'd hardly be an issue in a world like this.

Extra (Powers): Remilia's powers are superb even for a vampire - she has the traditional vampiric superhuman strength and agility, along with regenerative powers strong enough that sunlight will not INSTANTLY kill her (though it's quite bad for her, regardless) and the ability to transform into a swarm of bats or a fine mist, as the archetypical vampire. In addition, she has a nebulous power over the "manipulation of fate", and is skilled in the usage of Blood Magic.
However, those powers are not without their price - she carries with her both the weaknesses of European vampires (Sunlight is toxic, and she cannot move past running water, which includes rainfall, though crosses are of no worry to her) and of Japanese vampires (sardine heads, broken holly branches, and roasted soybeans are all as effective at warding off attacks as garlic would be). She also does need a somewhat steady diet of blood to survive, though she can subsist on human food for short amounts of time. Thankfully, she's a light eater.

Character Location: Despite having a location to call her home, Remilia is not bringing anywhere with her. Better to actively seek out CR than wait for it to come to you, after all.

Samples: Touhou Wiki on Remilia

Writing Sample: Older sample from a private game, and more recent sample from Dear Mun.


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